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Reliable Tooth Extractions in Strathcona, Edmonton

When you have a severely decayed or damaged tooth, you may need an extraction to protect your overall oral health. At North Whyte Dental, we offer skilled extractions to preserve the condition of your remaining teeth and alleviate pain. Our general dentist provides conservative dental care, and we will only perform an extraction when it's necessary.

We are passionate about healthy, beautiful smiles, and we are proud to protect the smiles of the residents of Edmonton, Old Strathcona, and the surrounding areas. You can trust that we will welcome you with respect and compassion, regardless of whether you need one or multiple teeth extracted. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


What Is an Extraction?

An extraction is a dental procedure that removes a compromised tooth or multiple teeth, such as wisdom teeth, that will deteriorate your oral health if they remain. Extractions are a common procedure, and people of all ages may require them for a variety of reasons. A child may need a primary tooth removed because it prevents their permanent teeth from erupting. An adult may require wisdom teeth extraction because the teeth are causing crowding and disrupting their bite pattern. Whatever the reason you need an extraction, our experienced dentist is here to help with a skilled hand and gentle treatment.

Our Extraction Process

We are dedicated to preserving your natural smile, but when a tooth jeopardizes the health of your other teeth and supporting structures, then we offer skilled extraction. Our compassionate team is led by Dr. Jeff Jess, and we offer conservative dental treatments to protect your oral health. We combine decades of experience with quality services to provide the dental care you deserve.

We begin our extraction process with a thorough exam of your teeth, jaws, and gums, complete with detailed scans to determine whether the service is needed. Once we have confirmed that an extraction is the best way to promote your oral health, we will discuss your treatment options and how each will affect your health.

Our dentist will numb the area to maximize your comfort and then carefully remove the tooth. We will apply gauze to the site and provide helpful tips and instructions to guide you through the healing process. If you have any questions regarding your treatment or during your recovery, you can call our office, and we will provide helpful insight and schedule a follow-up appointment when necessary.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare


We understand that you will want all of the facts to help you recover as quickly as possible, which is why we offer helpful instructions to ensure you have the information you need. A tooth extraction is an outpatient procedure, and you won't need overnight medical care. However, it is important to follow our instructions to promote faster healing and avoid issues like dry sockets.

After tooth extractions, your body will naturally form a clot over the empty socket to protect it. This forms under the gauze we place at the end of your procedure, so it's important to be gentle when removing it. To avoid dislodging your blood clot, you should avoid drinking out of straws or using cigarettes because the suction created can dislodge the clot from the extraction site. It's best to avoid alcohol and tobacco products because they compromise healing and increase the risk of infection.

We recommend only eating soft foods and avoiding hard foods like grains, cereal, nuts, and ice because they will damage the clot and irritate the socket. It's best to only eat soft foods for the first few days after your procedure.

When you perform your daily oral hygiene routine, brush your teeth and the surgery site gently so you don't dislodge the clot. You can use salt water to rinse your mouth and protect your socket from infection. If you experience pain, then you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever. If the pain persists, call our office, and we will schedule an appointment.

Tooth Extraction FAQs

Our friendly team welcomes your questions and encourages you to share your thoughts and concerns. We are happy to provide the answers and resources you need to make an informed decision regarding your oral health. Here are some of the most common questions we receive about extractions.

Do extractions hurt?
We numb the area to alleviate pain, and our gentle team will check on you throughout the procedure to ensure you feel comfortable. You may feel slight pressure or discomfort, but it will go away, and you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever after the procedure.

Does insurance cover extractions?
We accept many insurance providers. To ensure your procedure is covered, call our office, and we will check for you.

What should I do after a tooth extraction?
After you have healed from tooth extraction, you can talk to our team about a dental restoration to rejuvenate your bite area and protect your remaining teeth from shifting.

Skilled Extractions in Edmonton

Protecting your smile is important, and sometimes, it requires removing a compromised tooth to safeguard your oral health. At North Whyte Dental, we offer reliable tooth extractions to boost your dental health and protect your smile. We are excited to meet you and build a professional relationship based on quality dental care and a gentle chairside manner. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for tooth extractions in Edmonton.



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